It seems impossible to summarize our work with only one word. Each collaboration is an opportunity to offer our skills, our network and our experience to develop communication.

Notre travail ne pourrait se résumer en un mot. Chaque collaboration est l’occasion d’offrir nos compétences, notre réseau et notre expérience pour développer des projets de communication. marie & francesca

  • new client : Elsa Randé, french designer

  • project VéloVelo went to Milano in april

  • Boisbuchet in Interni 60 anniversary issue

  • Rémy Martin's "One Night In" collection starts with London

  • Pam! in Wallpaper

  • Boisbuchet in Elle Interiör (Sweden)

  • VéloVelo @ Le Bon Marché

latest posts


cinqcinq 2 years of a great in-house experience dealing with french and international press and managing the online shop. Claire, Jean-Séb, Anthony and Vincent gave me the chance to deal with the press and learn how to deal with it, that’s how everything started… thank you my friends!


Remy Martin

on-going thrilling missions : participation in creating communication projects, from the idea, the tools to the event and by dealing with the brand PRs and providers. examples : Louis XIII jeroboam launch, Futur Héritage #1, One Night In Collection…


a fast and challenging four monthes mission of dealing with french press: from everyday demands, loans, material, interviews, to the preparation of Milano’s Fiera and the launch of new products.


marc venot
Marc Venot, french (and also so talented) designer, for whom I communicate and deal with the press when necessary. Well I could talk about him, his experience in designing furniture, his incredible constancy and integrity… for hours…


domaine de boisbuchet on-going collaboration with a man of genious, who co-created the Vitra Design Museum before landing in Charente in the 80′s… Increasing Boisbuchet notoriety especially in France and abroad, with press and public relations is more than a job, a chance for Francesca and I !


antoine lesur
Antoine Lesur, french (and so talented) designer, for whom I communicate and deal with the press when necessary. Well I could talk about him, his experience with Patrick Jouin, his first product manufactured, his future products… for hours.


flown Flown is a project, lead by endearing people with an unusual idea : asking designers to design pieces of furnitures with airlines planes interior material !
I am so lucky to be in charge of their press relations.


LogoPAM!105X70Pam! is the association of 3 creatives ladies, Margaux Keller, Pauline Jaramillo and Amélie Bonnin. Together, they have created Oh les Beaux Jours, a charming first project ! We are helping the trio to get attention of the media internationally and find partners to sale the product.


antoine+manuel We have had the pleasure to pass the message on Antoine+Manuel’s original and monumental creation Cartieroscope, designed for the Cartier’s exhibtion at the Grand Palais, Paris.


biennale-interieur-logo Promoting and enhancing Interieur’s name and image in France. Improving the Awards recognition on the french territory by building a strategy including partnerships with key media, institutions and schools. Working for the older and most prestigious event in Interior Design field is definitely a challenge and such an honour!